District 1 Summer Newsletter

Dear District 1 Private Applicators,

Summer is finally here and with it came some bizarre weather for much of the state. Changes in weather patterns can cause outbreaks of pests not previously seen before or can change the overall severity of a pest outbreak. A good way to get a handle on what pests are being seen around the state is to subscribe to the MSU Extension Ag Alerts. MSU Extension Agricultural Specialists post relevant articles periodically throughout the year to keep you updated on current agricultural events in Montana. Click here to sign-up!

Misuse of Rodenticides

It has come to the attention of the MDA that some strychnine products are being used off-label for ground squirrel control. Misuse of these pesticides has led to multiple poisonings of non-target species including livestock, pets and wildlife. When buying products for rodent control please first identify the pest and then choose a proper product with the correct pest listed on the label. Read the entire label and apply the pesticide consistent with the instructions. Remember, it is illegal to use a product in a way not listed on the pesticide product label. For more information please contact your MDA District Officer, the MDA Vertebrate Pest Specialist, or your MSU Extension County Ag Agent.

Featured Event

District 1 2018 Pest Management Tour, October 2-4. Three and six credit options are available. Locations include Kalispell, Ronan, Plains, Superior, Missoula, and Hamilton.

Upcoming Events in Private Applicator District 1 (Northwest Montana)

The following list of private applicator events are hosted by various organizations in your district. Please use the provided contact information for each event to register and obtain more information. This list is not comprehensive and only represents a few currently approved courses. Courses are added as they are sent to the MDA for approval. Use the MDA Course Locator to search for more events.

  • 10/2/2018, Kalispell, 2018 Pest Management Tour, 406-994-5178 (3-6 credits)
  • 10/2/2018, Ronan, 2018 Pest Management Tour, 406-994-5178 (3-6 credits)
  • 10/3/2018, Plains, 2018 Pest Management Tour, 406-994-5178 (3-6 credits)
  • 10/3/2018, Superior, 2018 Pest Management Tour, 406-994-5178 (3-6 credits)
  • 10/4/2018, Missoula, 2018 Pest Management Tour, 406-994-5178 (3-6 credits)
  • 10/4/2018, Hamilton, 2018 Pest Management Tour, 406-994-5178 (3-6 credits)

Recent Publications and News Updates

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Extension Resource: MSU Exetnsion Store

Ever wonder where to find all those awesome MontGuides and Fact Sheets MSU Extension passes out at events? Checkout the MSU Extension Store! The MSU Extension Store is an online marketplace offering all MSU Extension publications for a reasonable price including pesticide manuals, MontGuides, PocketGuides and many other helpful resources.  We also have links to the relevant store pages through MSU PEP’s reference material webpage. Find the pesticide resource you are looking for and click on the link under “Distribution #.” This will take you directly to the store where you can purchase a hard copy of the material.


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