District 1 Spring Newsletter

Dear District 1 Private Applicators,

Despite our wintery weather spring is on its way which means it is time to think about pesticide applications you will need to do this summer. Remember, don’t wait until you need to apply pesticides to check out your spray equipment as you may need to do some maintenance in order to have a successful pesticide application. You will want to check your equipment for corrosion and deterioration, as well as determine what parts may need to be replaced. Pay special attention to nozzles, pumps, hose condition, valve condition and boom structure. Our MontGuide titled: Maintenance, Cleaning and Storage of Ground Sprayers can help you go through this process.  This is a great time to calibrate your spray equipment as well.

If you stored pesticides over the winter, keep in mind some pesticides may have frozen or separated. Sometimes these pesticides can still be used, but other times they will have lost efficacy. Read the label to determine the specifics of the pesticide you are using. You may also want to reference our MontGuide titled: Cold Weather Storage & Handling of Pesticides.

Invasive Annual Grass Survey

Please participate in the Invasive Annual Grass Survey for MSU Extension. The goal of this survey is to evaluate economic losses resulting from invasive annual grasses on private rangeland in Montana. Participation is voluntary, however there is an opportunity to win two $50 Amazon gift cards.

Take Survey Now (expired)

Opportunity for Free Onsite Vertebrate Pest Consult

Stephen Vantassel, the MDA Vertebrate Pest Specialist, is seeking producers who are suffering from vertebrate pest crop damage from deer, ground squirrels, birds, etc. Any photos he acquires will be used for teaching purposes or used for updating the vertebrate pest management manual. All sources will remain anonymous. Contact Stephen if you would like to be included in this opportunity at SVantassel@mt.gov or (406) 538-3004. Any individuals who share field sites will receive a free onsite vertebrate pest consult.

Featured Event - Registration Closes Saturday 4/28!

MSU PEP will be sponsoring WPS trainings at three locations in May: May 1 - Glasgow, May 2 - Great Falls, and May 3 - Kalispell. Each day there will be two sessions: the first for ag establishment owners and the second for workers and handlers. Not sure if WPS applies to you? Visit our WPS website for more information. Please register for these events as space is limited. Register online or call 994-5178. There will be a $10 fee paid online or at the door.

Upcoming Events in Private Applicator District 1 (Northwest Montana)

The following list of private applicator events are hosted by various organizations in your district. Please use the provided contact information for each event to register and obtain more information. This list is not comprehensive and only represents a few currently approved courses. Courses are added as they are sent to the MDA for approval. Use the MDA Course Locator to search for more events.

  • 5/3/2018, Kalispell, Worker Protection Standard Training Session 1: Owners of Ag. Establishments, 406-994-5178 (3 credits)
  • 5/3/2018, Kalispell, Worker Protection Standard Training Session 2: Worker and Handler Training, 406-994-5178 (3 credits)
  • 5/16/2018, Ronan, 2018 MWCA Western Area Council Annual Crew Training, 406-777-5842 (4 credits)

Recent Publications and News Updates

News:  Worker Protection Standard Training (WPS) across Montana

IPM Bulletin: Spring 2018 IPM Bulletin will be available soon!

MontGuide: Bedbugs and Pesticides in the Home. 2018 Revision.

Don't know what pest you have? Schutter Diagnostic Lab can help!

The MSU Extension Schutter Diagnostic Lab helps Montanans diagnosis plant diseases, insect damage, herbicide injury to plants and environmental plant problems. They will also identify plants, insects and mushrooms and give management recommendations. Many of these services are free while others have a small service fee. Visit the Schutter Diagnostic Lab Sample Submission webpage for more details on how to submit samples.


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