District 1 Winter Newsletter

Dear District 1 Private Applicators,

The MSU Extension Pesticide Education Program (MSU PEP) hopes you had a great holiday season! We want to remind District 1 private applicators 2018 is the last year of the recertification cycle. This means you must obtain six pesticide recertification credits by December 31 of this year. Keep an eye out for local events in your area and stay in contact with your local Extension Agent.

The MSU Pest Management Tour will be coming to a location near you the first week of October 2018. This event is one of the last chances to obtain your private applicator recertification credits with three and six credits offered. The Pest Management Tour will start being advertised the summer of 2018. We will continue to advertise upcoming events in subsequent newsletters for other credit opportunities.

In November of this year you will receive a letter from the Montana Department of Agriculture outlining the number of credits you have obtained and how to apply for renewal. There are online and mail-in options. If you do not receive this letter by the end of November 2018 please contact your local Extension Agent. The fee for the five-year renewal is $60.

Looking up License Information and Credits

Private Applicators can check their current credits and lookup their license number by contacting their Extension Agent or by using the MDA Pesticide License Search. Enter in your license number or last name and click search. Next to your name click “Private Applicator” under program type. This page will show how many credits you have acquired, and how many more credits you need before the end of the recertification cycle.

Upcoming Events in Private Applicator District 1 (Northwest Montana)

The following list of private applicator events are hosted by various organizations in your district. Please use the provided contact information for each event to register and obtain more information. This list is not comprehensive and only represents a few currently approved courses. Courses are added as they are sent to the MDA for approval. Use the MDA Course Locator to search for more events.

  • 1/9/2018, Kalispell, Crop Product Update Meeting, 406-755-4303 (1 credit)
  • 3/9/2018, Missoula, Spring Recertification Training, 406-444-3732 (4 credits)

Recent Publications and News Updates

News: Pesticide Applicators should be aware of new Worker Protection Standard Requirements as of January 1, 2018.

News: Regional Pesticide Education Trainings offered across Montana in 2018.

MontGuide: Maintenance, Cleaning and Storage of Ground Sprayers. 2017 Revision.

IPM Bulletin: 2017 Fall IPM Bulletin

Meet the New Ravalli County Extension Agent

Patrick Managan is the new Ravalli County Extension Ag Agent and PAT Coordinator. Patrick grew up just outside of Missoula on a small Black Angus cattle and forages ranch, and helps his dad manage it today. He has degrees in soil sciences and education. Prior to being an extension agent he worked as a middle school science teacher. Patrick currently lives in Stevensville, Montana. When he’s not helping his dad fix fence or feed hay he gardens and enjoys Montana’s outdoors.

Contact Patrick at patrick.managan@montana.edu or (406) 375-6611.


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