MSU PEP sends out quarterly, regional e-mail newsletters to Montana Private Applicators. Newsletters contain articles regarding pesticides and pesticide use, pesticide current events and upcomping pesticide education programs. You can sign up to receive these newsletters on the left sidebar. If you aren't sure what District you are in, check out the map on our Private Applicator Program webpage



2022 Newsletters

Spring Newsletters - April 2022, V15

Winter Newsletters - January 2022, V14


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2021 Newsletters

Fall Newsletters - September 2021, V13

Spring Newsletters - March 2021, V12


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2020 Newsletters

Fall Newsletters - September 2020, V11

Spring Newsletters - May 2020, V10

Winter Newsletters - January 2020, V9


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2019 Newsletters

Fall Newsletters - September 2019, V8

Spring Newsletters - April 2019, V7

Winter Newsletters - January 2019, V6


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2018 Newsletters

Fall Newsletters - October 2018, V5

Summer Newsletters - July 2018, V4

Spring Newsletters - April 2018, V3

Winter Newsletter - January 2018, V2


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2017 Newsletters

Fall Newsletters - October 2017, V1

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