Obtain a Montana Private Applicator License


Initial Training

Initial Private Applicator Trainings

2021 Dates TBA

Initial Private Applicator Trainings are for new applicators who wish to obtain a Montana private applicator license. This seven-hour event covers pesticide basics and is followed by an ungraded exam. 



Recertify your Montana Private Applicator License


MSU PEP hosted recertification trainings

MSU PEP Hosted Recertification Programs

2021 Dates TBA

MSU PEP hosts various recertification programs throughout the year and state. Check back for offerings!

Statewide recertification trainings

Statewide Recertification Programs


Search the statewide database for recertification programs offering pesticide education credits. View search instructions.



Pesticide Educator Trainings


PAT Core

PAT Core

2022 Dates TBA

This training focuses on the core concepts of private applicator pesticide use while delivering tools to train private pesticide applicators within your organization. Training tools may include videos, presentations, story problems, MontGuides and other experienced speakers. New MSU Extension agents with PAT responsibilities are encouraged to attend this training. Weed district representatives, MSU Extension Specialists, MDA staff or veteran MSU Extension Agents are also welcome to attend.

PEP Update

PEP Update

November 4-5, 2021

This event is a train-the-trainer update for MSU Extension staff, MDA staff, Weed district representatives and other government and private pesticide leaders across the state. Topics include changes to the PAT program, advanced pesticides topics, new research and technology, and current pesticide related news and events.


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